IoT Platform

Industrial Leading IoT Supply Chain Fully Integrated Solution to Maximize Your Assets Security

A Cisco-invested corporation, ZillionSource Technologies Co. Ltd. is the global leader of cargo and container tracking. We offer a powerful IoT platform; multi-sensor smart tracking devices; and a highly innovative logistic application, enabling you monitor all your cargo and containers across the globe in real time for maximum security, guaranteed quality and total visibility.


The platform supports different data types, scenarios and rules

Data: Via defining metadata type, the platform is able to work with and process a broad spectrum of different types of data
Scenarios: Via defining different scenarios, the platform is compatible with many different verticals (logistics, health care, and smart home, etc.)
Rules: the platform allows rules setting for different types of data and scenarios to tailor to the needs of different commercial and business clients
Orchestration flexibility: Components can be combined in different ways to form orchestrations for various purposes

Open Platform

The platform is open as it is compatible with many different devices, users and platforms

Input: Device communication protocols enable the platform to access data from different kinds of devices; The platform can call Web Service & REST APIs; The platform supports multiple standard data exchange protocols (FTP, SMTP, and File pooling, etc.)
Output: User friendly APIs allowing outside users and 3rd parties to acquire internal data; The platform allows for easy integration with 3rd party/user systems


The platform architecture is designed to support future scale-ups to handle massive amounts of data

Platform computing capability is able to scale out dynamically to avoid performance bottle necks
The platform is highly stable as it is designed to prevent single point of failure
Via balancing different technologies, the platform is able to achieve high throughput and low latency, allowing it to process data effectively on real-time basis


Pattern recognition capabilities, an automated system and the thoroughness of the embedded logics make the platform extremely intelligent.

The platform has stellar pattern recognition capabilities for analyzing streaming data to provide real-time insights, helping clients make better business decisions
The platform leverages its highly automated system to enable users to operate effortlessly on simple UI to accomplish complicated tasks
The platform’s multi-tenant isolation system and multi-level validation system ensures data is only accessible to authorized parties
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