Use Cases

Cold Chain Transportation – Fresh Fruit & Frozen Food

In the transportation of Fresh fruit, organic vegetables, frozen food etc., the cargo owners always worry about the shrinkage resulted from bad temperature management, even though they have hired a qualified logistic vendor and signed contract with them.

It means the cargo owner needs a solution to resolve the following two challenges:

How to gain real time visibility into the supply chain and ensure that the vendor is maintaining the proper temperatures?
How to reduce the shrinkage and loss of shelf life resulting from high or low temperatures?

ZillionSource’s world leading solution is able to monitor and record a full suite of parameters including temperature, humidity, shock etc. All those information is available to the end users or carriers at their fingertip. 

What is more, we provide industrial grade event-driven alert technology, that means in case of any alarming cargo conditions take place, the customers will be noticed in real time as well. Supported by an IoT platform, end users are available to set up personalized rules to get alarms. For example when the temperature is out of range. The system will send out alerts to multiple subscribers via email, calls, SMS etc.

Customers will enjoy premier experience from ZillionSource’s “Door-to-Door, Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility & Control” solution, the only one solution in the world.

Pharmaceutical & 
Vaccine & Reagent

Stable transportation in strict condition is necessary when transporting pharmaceuticals.

Executives in pharma companies face the following challenges:

  • How to comply with CFDA’s requirement on temperature control
  • How to prevent quality degradation/damage by taking preemptive actions
  • How to manage hired logistic vendor and make them accountable for assign responsibilities in case of accidents
  • How to exchange live data with their enterprise-grade software
ZillionSource’s device monitors multiple variables in milli-second including temperature, humidity, shock, light exposure, pressure, position, geo-route, geo-fence, and motion etc. The device has demonstrated superior performance in reporting data.m
even though in 


During the transportation of cosmetics, any of these factors - temperature and humidity drifting, shock, shipment delay, or deviation from the intended route etc. will impose additional cost to companies and erode their profit.

Through ZillionSource’s “Door-to-Door, Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility & Control” solution, cosmetic companies are able to check a full suite of parameters like temperature, humidity, shock, light, pressure, position, routes, acceleration, orientation etc, fully customizable to your management report needs.

If there is something abnormal happens to the cargo in-transit, ZillionSource platform will immediately send out alarms by phone, SMS, email to avoid quality degradation and cargo theft, to predict the arriving time. In summary, the solution will provides real-time supply chain visibility for 3PL management and better enterprise planning.

ZillionSource’s platform is also capable of exchanging data securely with existing enterprise systems like ERP via API and web services.
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