ZillionSource is A Global Leader in IoT-based Digital Supply Chain Solution

Global End-to-End Assets Tracking and Monitoring with a Comprehensive Rule Engine and Event-Driven Technology over the Cloud

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Secure Data , Flexible Rule Engine, Event-driven Monitoring

ZillionSource Technologies, a Cisco-invested corporation, is an industrial leader in supply chain and logistics real-time monitoring and tracking. Powered by our enterprise-grade IoT platform and multi-sensory smart devices, ZillionSource delivers an event-driven and real-time asset and cargo monitoring solution for maximized security, guaranteed quality and total visibility. 

True Event-Driven Monitoring & Alerts

Real-time and event-driven alarm reporting management system that intelligently collects and reports sensory data continuously

Full Suite Platform Integration

Award-winning high performance loT cloud platform with full support of real-time analytics and data exchange.

Extraordinary Power Management

Smart tracking device with built-in multi-sensors, with its small form and light weight, lasts 90 days at maximum. 

How It Works


Configure the sensors device. Create shipment alert rules based on temperature range, humidity, light, acceleration, shock, combined with geo-fencing and other customizable conditions. 


Set up shipment functions. Define shipment starting and ending date/time, and locations and stops at origin and destination.

Additionally, clients' management is fully integrated. Client ID and Shipment reference numbers are mapped with device tags for easy reporting management. 


ZillionSource's all-in-one IoT platform provides full visibility about the whereabouts of your asset and their conditions right in front of you. 

We provide full industrial event-driven alert monitoring rather than fixed interval reporting. That means you will never miss any critical data upon unforeseen circumstances. It is all recorded.


You will receive comprehensive trip report with every bit of detail you need to generate your management report to your clients. No more lost data. 

Moreover, you know what is going on inside the cargo container 24 hours if you would like to. It gives you both autonomy and peach of mind!

End-to-End Supply Chain IoT Solution

Key Features

Open source API
Enhanced Security
Fully compatible with Enterprise ERP
Email and SMS Alerting

The platform is open as it is compatible with many different devices, users and platforms
The platform architecture is designed to support future scale-ups to handle massive amounts of data
Pattern recognition and full embedded logics make the platform extremely intelligent.

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ZillionSource has served its global customers, including Microsoft and DHL, all the way from Asian to European markets, helping them to deploy state-of-the-art supply chain real-time monitoring solutions. Contact us and learn how we can help your business.

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