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ZillionSource in use


For many of our customers, the physical state and environment of their goods are the most critical. With a full suite of parameter sensors—including temperature, humidity, shock, etc.—all information is available to users at their fingertips with its “door-to-door, real-time supply chain visibility and control” solution.


Often times, food experiences a loss of shelf life and shrinkage from poor temperature management, even after working with qualified logistics vendors. Only ZillionSource can provide the highest level of clarity and access to real-time information to ensure the best environment.

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Transportation of these goods faces many obstacles: compliance with CFDA’s requirements for temperature control, quality degradation or damage, management and accountability of hired logistics vendors, and exchange of live data with enterprise-grade software. The ZS series is designed to be able to handle all of these, reporting back to our customers and keeping the supply chain process transparent for full confidence in their goods.


Similar to the case of cold chain transportation of food, the transportation of cosmetics also faces potential issues in temperature and humidity drifting, shock, shipment delay, or deviation from intended route. These issues, already formidable on their own, can also impose additional costs to companies and erode their profit. On the other hand, ZillionSource customers can be confident in the knowledge about their own products, as the full suite of sensors can help alert them before any of these major problems occur.


Additionally, thanks to the multi-parameter continuous monitoring in real-time, event-based reporting, and pattern recognition capabilities, our customers' cargo has detailed security monitoring and cargo recovery. In the event of any suspicious behavior, such as unexpected change in lighting, our devices instantly perceive this stimuli and alert customers. Upon doing so, it automatically goes through a three-step process to recognize patterns and help recover stolen cargo:

  1. Triggers forced reporting, giving immediate alerts that break the normal reporting interval previously pre-configured or dynamically issued​

  2. Enables GPS to accurately locate cargo

  3. Enables active reporting, which is high-frequency reporting after the occurrence of abnormal conditions or ominous trends, to then cooperate with law enforcement to recover stolen goods

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