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Unparalleled versatility

ZillionSource Technologies is a global leader with a diverse array of customers thanks to its innovative combination of advanced hardware, firmware, and cloud platform technologies.

Our work serves three purposes:

  • Asset tracking

  • Supply chain management

  • A dual purpose solution

Each is approached with a high level of detail, to ensure that users are secure with their information like never before. Through two different series, the ZT and ZS, we can ensure that each device is as customized as possible. These devices, in addition to their form factor durability in poor environments and accurate, reliable data reporting, have the longest battery life in the industry with demonstrated capabilities in continuous monitoring, traveling alongside customers’ own assets and cargo.

All of the devices include a range of sensors from the following: shock, pressure, humidity, exposure to light, temperature, and geo-fencing & geo-routing.

The ZillionSource IoT platform forms the online counterpart of the ZillionSource solution, offering an organized, specific look into devices, shipments, trips, and more, with accompanying data analytics, graphs, and results. Through the coordination of the cloud platform and the physical devices, our customers have an informed peace of mind.

Together, these compose ZillionSource's strengths & unique purposes:

Asset Tracking

with the ZT Series

Asset tracking with ZillionSource gives users a long-term tracker for extended guarantees on their assets. Applicable scenarios include dry container tracking, road trailer tracking, general asset tracking, temperature measurement, and disposable or recyclable use. The value creation of smart asset management includes:

  • Location, quantity, dwell time, & usage insight

  • Higher asset turnover

  • Client behavior assessment

  • Smart containers

  • Multi-year tracking without maintenance

Typically, asset tracking translates to low-frequency reports in the form of daily summaries and updates. In doing so, this helps protect the longevity of the devices as well as still ensuring asset turnover.

Supply Chain Management

with the ZS Series

ZillionSource management is all about visibility, security, and quality control. Through the IoT control tower, users get access to real-time intelligence. High frequency reporting ensures that no information is lost along the transportation process, updating customers with major events as they occur. ZillionSource products not only track, but actively and continuously monitor, cargo. Coupled with the IoT platform ZillionSource offers an unmatched, sophisticated recording, reporting, and alerting mechanism that automatically changes with the environment to best match customer needs.

Its event-based hardware control means that the ZillionSource devices can turn on GPS for accurate positioning when the container is open and uses triangulation when the container is closed and has no GPS signals. The bi-lateral communication between the platform and the hardware ensures supply chain management success.

Dual-Purpose Solution

with the

ZT & ZS Series

The dual-purpose solution is the best of both worlds: asset tracking and supply chain management. Some usage scenarios require the combination of the visibility, security, and quality control offered by the supply chain management with the longevity and low-frequency reporting of our asset tracking. Most commonly, this is best for shipping forms that often go unused; thus, when these containers, pallets, trailers, or Unit Load Devices are in use, they have instant access to the data collecting power and insight of supply chain assurances, and if they are not, their ZillionSource device will automatically adapt to sending daily reports instead.


This duality comes from an extension of the ZT series. These devices, while having a different form factor, offer three times the battery life of the originals to ensure that they last.

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