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ZillionSource in use

Because of its versatility, ZillionSource works in a diverse array of sectors, with qualified solutions for each. The following is a showcase of the various industry applications of our technology, working to bring visibility and security to our customers. For more information on its past use cases, consider these contexts:

We track containers, IBCs, plastic pallets, reusable crates, air freight, tank containers, semi-trailers, railway wagons, & industrial equipment

The diverse array of assets being tracked 
Valuable packages

Tracks and alerts door opening, stopping, route deviation, theft, swapping, etc. for all valuable packages

Medicine, Vaccines, & Hazardous Goods

Reports real-time temperature, humidity, shock, etc. & prompts actions to avoid quality degradation; alerts heat/fire in the case of chemical & hazardous goods

Third-party logistics

Monitors & analyzes logistic operations; system KPI assessment allows outstanding TPL service provides to stand out

Industry 4.0

Provides real-time supply chain visibility for high-efficiency enterprise planning

Cold Chain

Reduces loss in food cold chain by providing real-time actionable intelligence

Global Containers

Tracks & monitors the world's shipping containers across continents & oceans

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