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ZillionSource's very own enterprise-grade platform technology

The ZillionSource IoT platform gives customers unmatched transparency on their asset tracking or supply chain cargo, combining the power of hardware with innovative technology. In addition to global map tracing and trip notes, the IoT platform performs analysis on the data to present in reports and graphs alike.

The IoT platform is defined by these main pillars:

Scalability & Global Coverage 

The scalable and extensible platform operates smoothly even with millions of devices. The IoT platform supports all modern Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Qihoo 360, etc. Notably, ZillionSource also offers an app version of the platform on all Apple iOS and Android OS devices. ZillionSource devices work worldwide wherever GSM is available; the platform supports global maps by integrating multiple map systems while employing map distortion correction in certain regions.

Customization & Security

Devices are managed by its enterprise cloud application for dynamic control and its sophisticated, pattern-recognition rule engine, where users have the ability to change and set rules to match their preferences. Moreover, it can even send commands to devices to change their configuration based on conditions reported back by the device. Because of the enterprise-grade data security for all data transmission and storage, no data is stored in readable memory.

Versatile Open Platform

When timeliness of packages is the first priority for a large number of short-time shipments, traces group devices and monitor the logistics operations of these groups by providing real-time status, delay analysis, and KPI matrices. Asa platform based on an enterprise SaaS architecture with multi-tenant database, strong security, and sophisticated access controls, the system provides three levels of information management and data access as well as the corresponding user interfaces.

Intelligent Usage

ZillionSource’s platform is an open and general platform for logistical operations and handles a full suite of parameters and measurements. Its data analysis capabilities are integral in other industrial verticals, and its analytic algorithms can be further extended to deal with new situations. ZillionSource and its partners can conduct big data analytics for logistical operations to assess performance and trends, develop and compare KPIs for service providers, and recommend operational improvements.

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