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Diverse devices for diverse customers

ZillionSource, a globally recognized IoT company, combines the strength of efficient operations and a cloud platform with efficient hardware. The ZT and ZS series offer extensive asset tracking and supply chain management, with a full suite of sensors and future-forward design.

The ZT Series

The ZillionSource ZT (ZillionTrace) series covers asset tracking with unprecedented ease-of-use and security, with four offerings to cover your specific asset tracking needs. All of the ZT products are flexible, allowing users to use them either as a one-time disposable supply chain monitor or as an ultra-long-term low frequency asset tracker. In addition, they all have the following features:

  • GSM location

  • Temperature

  • Optional advanced door status module for instant alert of door opening

  • Asset quantity, distribution, and dwell analysis

  • Thin & light

  • Battery life of 90-120 days with hourly reports

The cost-effective solution.

With all of the features listed above, the ZT-20 is the most powerful device at its price point on the market.

The high accuracy solution.

Along with the features of the ZT-20, the ZT-25 includes:

  • Wi-fi positioning

  • Ultra-precise positioning capable of visualizing movement indoors

  • Pharmaceutical-grade temperature

  • Recharging ability

The global coverage solution.

Along with the features of the ZT-25, the ZT-28 includes:

  • Support for LTE-M communication

  • Worldwide coverage

ZT Series Extension

The ZT series is now also available with 3 times the original series’ battery power in a different form factor. These ZT devices will last years while offering the dual purpose of both asset tracking and supply chain management. 

The ZS Series

The ZillionSource ZS (ZillionSense) series is used for global cargo monitoring and supply chain management, offering customers visibility, security, and control. With powerful sensors, continuous monitoring, and high-frequency reporting, the ZS works to ensure no critical events information is left uncaptured. ZS products are reusable and durable, as reflective of ZillionSource’s promise to long-term, unmatched service and scale. All ZS devices have the following features:

  • Temperature, humidity, shock, light exposure, pressure, geo-route, geo-fence, and motion sensors

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Long-term battery power

Comprehensive cargo monitoring.

Additional features include:

  • Automatic flight mode

  • Battery life of up to 70 days when reporting every 20 minutes; nearly 1 year with infrequent data submissions

Long-term container monitoring.

Additional features include:

  • GPS reception from inside containers

  • Motion & open-door monitoring

  • Permanent installation in containers

  • No need for device maintenance, battery recharging, reverse logistics, periodic replacement, etc.

  • Battery life of multiple years

Premium cargo monitoring.

Additional features include:

  • GPS position and reception from inside the container

  • Accurate location tracking inside and outside of buildings

  • Automatic flight mode

  • Customizable interval management system: regular data reporting, data recording with cache data points at tiny intervals, and suppressed reporting during flights

  • Battery life of up to 70 days when reporting every 20 minutes; nearly 1 year with infrequent data submissions

One-Time Air Freight Tracker

The ZS-100, ZS-300, and ZS-300W can be customized for use as a one-time disposable air freight tracker with rich, expansive features and long-lasting operation duration.

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